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Course Outlines Fall 2014
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COMP 1005A
Introduction to Computer Science I
John Howat
COMP 1405A
Gail Carmichael
COMP 1406A
COMP 1006
Gail Carmichael
COMP 1805A
Discrete Structures I
John Howat
COMP 2401A
Introduction to Systems Programming
Christine Laurendeau
COMP 2404A
Introduction to Software Engineering
Christine Laurendeau
COMP 2804
Michiel Smid
COMP 3004A
Object-oriented Software Engineering
Christine Laurendeau
COMP 3007
COMP 3007
F. Oppacher
COMP 3203
Michel Barbeau
COMP 3601A
Dwight Deugo
COMP 4001A
Evangelos Kranakis
COMP 4109A
Applied Cryptography
John Howat
COMP 5005
Learning Systems for Random Environments
John Oommen
COMP 5900G
Sonia Chiasson